What is the HR ANALYTICS Virtual Series?


The HR Analytics Virtual Series is designed for HR Leaders looking for a time and cost effective way to network, benchmark and learn from today's leading HR Analytics Practitioners and C-level HR Executives.

All sessions are designed for and by Senior HR practitioners (No sponsors/vendors).

Who should attend?


Starting your Analytics Journey

Get the Financials Right
Learn how to build a business case and secure buy-in from the board

Build an Effective Team
Discovered what skills you need and where to find them both inside and outside your business.

Grow into the Next Stage
Get your team engaged and how to prepare your function to utilize data and technology.


Developing your Analytics

Start to Show Business Impact  Now you have the data, it’s time to get it working for your organisation. Find out how your peers are developing Employee Insight that impact’s business performance.

Tell the Story and Execute        Learn the presentation methods and language that can translate your HR insights into data that will influence stakeholders.

New Technology                          Find out what tools & techniques are available that can help you a competitive edge.


Debating The Future of Work

Analyst's in the World HR Networking and learn from other analytics specialists and discuss ways to have a greater influence and results.

Discuss the Future Role of HR in Business Analytics                    Learn how your work can be commoditised, integrated and scaled into wider Business Analytics and how HR can play a leading role.

Innovative Approaches & Thinking  Become aware of new sources of data, both internal and external that can reveal huge insights into your workforce.


Engage with and learn from industry peers who will transform the way you think about HR Analytics.

Unleash the power of Data-Driven HR for Business Success.

Format & Programme

A series of monthly Interactive virtual workshops presented by carefully selected HR Practitioners.

Our powerful virtual workshops bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. 

All sessions are scheduled for 1hr and consists of a 30-minute presentation followed by an interactive Q&A.

Future sessions are built around the ever evolving requirements of our members.




Steven Conaton

Manager HR Talent Analytics

Extend Your Job Applicant Data: How to Generate New Insights from Old Systems

  • Expectations vs. Reality: Campus Hiring
  • Expectations vs. Reality: Experienced Labor Markets
  • Evaluating Jobs Paid Media
  • The Power of an Address



Rainer Schlienkamp

Director HR Analytics

Real value add: Use People-Analytics for Business, not only for HR

  • How to get in conversation with business regarding People Analytics?
  • Which is the best way to realize Use Cases?  
  • Which key factors help supporting People Analytics?    
  • Additional: intuitive (effortless) Dashboard



Esther Bongenaar

Vice President HR Data & Analytics

Driving Business Value through Talent Analytics

  • Coming soon.......





Tom Stoltzfus

Global Director HR Data, Analytics, and Reporting

Evaluating, Procuring and Implementing the Right BI/Analytics Platform for your Business

  • Ask yourself what you actually need and what you want from a new analytics platform...rationale for selecting a provider 
  • The Process: Evaluation, Selection, Building a business case and receiving the buy in from senior management
  • The contracting process. What works, how to collaborate and most importantly the pitfalls to avoid to shortcut the execution of your strategy

Chris Whaley

Vice President HR Monitoring & Analytics

A New day for Engagement Utilizing Analytics

  • Moving away from a 10+ year engagement survey, with an incomplete framework to one which will allow you to link  engagement scores to high-performance business results
  • Using a data based approach to review old processes identify challenge areas which better link engagement data and business results/issues
  • How to formalize a “Request for Proposal” to select the perfect vendor who can help best achieve business objectives
  • New approaches which reduce costs, launch faster and provide superior data than before
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Jesse Davidson

Vice President of People Analytics

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on how HR Helps Manage the Workforce

  • Managing a workforce with people, robots and artificial intelligence   
  • Review of AI products currently in use in HR and the measurable impact they have on business and processes
  • HR leaders are starting to pilot chatbots to transform the employee experience just like marketers are utilizing their power to personalize a shopping experience

Matthew Burns

Chief Human Resources Officer

Use HR Analytics as a Flashlight, not a Hammer

  • The difference between service and evangelism...Taking ownership and accountability to turn human data into decisions
  • How to leverage your two most important assets; your people and data
  • How to build meaningful culture in analytics and ensuring communication is at the heart of this
  • Back to basics: Simplicity and action planning drives adoption and results

Christopher Rosett

Director, HR Analytics

Early Wins in Machine Learning: Launching Predictive HR Analytics at a Fortune 500

  • Review the systematic evolution from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics through the lens of one set of frontline analytics projects
  • How an analytics team evolved HR data from disjointed and siloed to integrated in a way that could leverage analytics for turnover, performance forecasting and improved hiring practices
  • Describe the tactics that worked, and a few that didn’t
  • Introduction of basic machine learning techniques and how they can be easily be applied in your organisation
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Ewa Ziemkowska

Senior Program Manager, HR Ops & Analytics

Potential - Journey to Quantify the Abstract

  • Intro: How is Potential typically described?
  • Who decides how Potential is described, assessed and addressed in an organization?
  • The High Flyers, Laggers and what to do with everyone in between
  • Should employees (especially High Potentials) be aware of how their potential has been identified?
  • Potential and Performance: how to help leaders understand the difference? 

Ross Sparkman

Head of Strategic Workforce Planning

Coming soon......






    Ian Limbaga

    Director HRIS, HR Data Analytics

    The Hype of Design Thinking and Using it with Analytics

    • HR Analytics: Human behavior, ethics and respecting employee privacy - strong partnership with the CHRO and comms team  
    • How does design thinking help in maturing and evolving HR Analytics?  
    • How can we identify the big wicked data problems of tomorrow and prepare for them now?
    • Commercialization of HR Analytics services: When is it enough, and when is it too much?

    Why Attend


    New insights, proven frameworks and actionable takeaways delivered in an Interactive format allowing you to gain multiple perspectives.

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    Small, private virtual roundtable discussions focusing on the critical issues affecting the future of the profession.


    Senior leaders share practical insights and knowledge. You can question them directly to get to the heart of all key issues.


    Communicate with members before, during and after each workshop.


    As all dialogue remains strictly confidential, you can speak openly and freely.

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    This time efficient and cost effective platform is accessible from any location on any device.


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    Join online focus groups with real-time chats. Exchange ideas and lessons learned. Connect with members pre & post event to continue conversations through private messaging.


    Leverage the power of the HRDL community! Post challenges and get best practise and actionable advice directly from fellow HR practitioners. 

    Content & Research

    We harness the collective brain-power of the community to provide content that gives you a fresh external perspective and provokes your thinking on the entire end-to-end HR strategy and the future of the profession.


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