What is the HR Innovation Roundtable?

A powerful closed door one-day workshop for C-Level HR Leaders hosted at member organisations presented by carefully selected Executive HR Practitioners. We bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. 

This time efficient learning and benchmarking platform, allows you to validate your strategy with fellow practitioners and gain access to new case studies and proven frameworks. We will expand your knowledge and help you shortcut the execution of plans to deliver on essential objectives.  

Designed for and by Senior HR practitioners (No sponsors/vendors).

Format & Facilitators

Engage with industry practitioners who will transform the way you think about HR

Each workshop is built around the needs and challenges of senior HR Leaders and focuses on a specific area of HR. 

All sessions are scheduled for 1:10hrs and consists of a 20min Case Study, 30min Roundtable Discussion and a 20min focus on Strategic Outcomes and how to Implement Leanings. 


08:30 - 17:30 | Hosted at General Mills

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Kristina Morton Vice President HR Europe & Australia

Aligning organization, capabilities and resources to business strategy

  • Organization Design alignment to business strategy

  • Identifying and building capabilities

  • Incorporating new “Agile” organization elements

  • Resource distortion without disruption

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Fabrice Spenninck, SVP, Chief HR & Communications Officer

Cultural Transformation in the middle of a Spin

  • How to address the change of culture? Is there a need to address the change?

  • Change in functions which become Corporate functions and business support

  • HR transformation – concrete example on people, processes, practices

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Jean Christophe Font, Chief Talent Officer

From HR strategy to People strategy: a mindset shift

  • The learning from our previous HR strategy

  • To increase impact of a people strategy, listen with focus on 3 targets: your business, the market environment, your people

  • The framework of our Group People Strategy: ambitions, core deliverables, expected outcomes, sponsorship

  • What’s keep me awake at night

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Francis Hoefman Senior Vice President HR

How to create a movement on the diversity agenda; case practice of gender diversity

  • What are the hurdles creating such a movement

  • What type of sponsoring do you need

  • How to link leadership behaviours & capability

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Pablo Vercelli Vice President HR Europe


  • The power of a Self-Leadership model

  • Creating an environment of growth, trust and respect among colleagues

  • Bridging the gap between leaders and their teams

  • Successes and pitfalls to learn from

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Gabor Szetey Director HR, Region ECEMEA

Organization Design as a key element of HR offerings

  • The Business Environment – why Org Design is so critical

  • How does Org Design actually work and happen at big organizations

  • The skills;capabilities, training, experience needed for HR to become credible at this

  • An easy to use model and methodology

Why Attend

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New insights based on current case studies and proven frameworks providing you with actionable takeaways

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Senior Leaders share practical insights into their HR operations. Question them directly to get to the heart of all key issues

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Small powerful workshop discussions focused on facilitating conversations affecting the future of the profession

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Full one-day interactive peer-to-peer workshop hosted by leading global companies for intimate discussions about specific challenges and transferable solutions

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No press, vendor exhibition or media is allowed. Attendance is strictly for Senior level HR practitioners where you’ll experience an environment without vendor solicitation

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Gain practical insights into what other companies and industries are doing to take back to your boardroom and stay connected with your peers in the HRD Leaders Community


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Held at General Mills European HQ in Geneva