What is the HR Innovation Roundtable?

A powerful closed door one-day workshop for C-Level HR Leaders hosted at member organisations presented by carefully selected Executive HR Practitioners. We bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. 

This time efficient learning and benchmarking platform, allows you to validate your strategy with fellow practitioners and gain access to new case studies and proven frameworks. We will expand your knowledge and help you shortcut the execution of plans to deliver on essential objectives.  

Designed for and by Senior HR practitioners (No sponsors/vendors).

Strictly invitation only.

Format & Facilitators

Engage with industry practitioners who will transform the way you think about HR

Each workshop is built around the needs and challenges of senior HR Leaders and focuses on a specific area of HR. 

All sessions are scheduled for 1:10hrs and consists of a 20min Case Study, 30min Roundtable Discussion and a 20min focus on Strategic Outcomes and how to Implement Leanings. 


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Addie van Rooij

Vice President HR Global People Operations

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Martin Sommerkamp

Chief People Officer

Mara Zavagno

Vice President Human Resources


Lars Immisch

Executive Vice President HR, Airbus Defense & Space

Charles-Henry Duroyon

Chief Human Resources Officer

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Claudia Wentsch

HR Director

Strategic Focuses

HR Tech & Analytics

How to use Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Foster Innovation and Leadership?

The power of cognitive computing and how to leverage machine learning to help automate human judgement

What Will Automated HR Systems Mean for workforces? Overview of rapidly evolving smart solutions

Preparing ourselves for GDPR, what is it and what to do?

Diversity & Inclusion

How to leverage the new streams of talent around the world, and responding to the changing faces of customers

Ways implicit bias may create "blind spots" and what to do about it.

How to qualify D&I's impact on corporate purpose, brand reflection and performance


Talent Management

How do we define talent in respect of future leadership and succession?

What modern approaches to talent can we look at to move away from dogmatic procedures?

How can we promote talent from within to grow leadership culture?

Is the yearly performance review dead? How do we measure performance to the benefit of all involved?


Leadership & Coaching

What characteristics should we be looking for in today’s talent pool to create future leaders?

What effect do Senior Leaders play on engagement and culture?

How can Leaders inspire and motivate during times of challenge or transition?

How do we align HR Strategy with Leadership to reach key business goals?

Culture & Engagement

What aspects of corporate culture should be taken into account when implementing new strategy?

What affect will new generations have on corporate culture?

How do we match individual team cultures with the culture we are trying to achieve overall?

How can people work together to build a culture that best represents themselves and the company?

Learning & Development

How to effectively quantify your L&D initiatives across the entire organisation and understand the financial ROI of each programme

Creating a workplace where employees maintain their ability to learn and outpace your competiton

How do we redefine Learning as a business imperative and re-position the L&D function as a strategic business enabler?

Why Attend?

New insights based on current case studies and proven frameworks providing you with actionable takeaways


Senior Leaders share practical insights into their HR operations. Question them directly to get to the heart of all key issues

Small powerful workshop discussions focused on facilitating conversations affecting the future of the profession

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Full one-day interactive peer-to-peer workshop hosted by leading global companies for intimate discussions about specific challenges and transferable solutions

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No press, vendor exhibition or media is allowed. Attendance is strictly for Senior level HR practitioners where you’ll experience an environment without vendor solicitation

Gain practical insights into what other companies and industries are doing to take back to your boardroom and stay connected with your peers in the HRD Leaders Community

8:30 am - 17:30 pm


Charles-Henry Duroyon

Chief Human Resources Officer

How to be Successful at Managing Experts?

  • Identification, Selection and How to Form a Selection Panel or Develop a Selection Matrix
  • How do you make sure they develop according to the objectives give (shape the innovation, protect knowledge)
  • How do you assess performance? Retention Measurements utilizing People Analytics to make Data-Driven HR decisions
  • How do you manage your expert population? Career Path vs Management

Martin Sommerkamp

Chief People Officer

Does Company Culture Eat Strategy and Structure for Breakfast in 2018, 2019, 2020+? 

  • Why... Company Culture lately gained a bigger Economic future value (within the triangle of success factors)?
  • How... The Next 10 years (& digitization) will change work and the work place requirements (in the first and third world markets?).
  • How... Company Culture may be transformed on the basis of empathy, creativity and collaboration (while considering generations x-to-z)
  • What... The Future HR Value contribution should be like and what it should not be like (e.g. "measurable" or "not measurable") in order to lead! entrepreneurial change.
  • Are there any traditional People myths & believes or HR roles & responsibilities you would like to clean up with? Why?
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Addie van Rooij

Vice President HR Global People Operations

How to Prepare and Thrive in a GDPR World?

  • Artificial Intelligence will disrupt HR Service, but are we still far away from consumer level experience?
  • HR Services, HR Systems and Analytics will be delivered by specialized external organisations
  • Business HR will need to deeply understand the right questions to ask in order to enable the business
  • Are you concerned about GDPR in relation to analytics and reporting?
  • How well is your HR function prepared to utilize intuitive analytics to enable your business?

Mara Zavagno

Vice President Human Resources

M&A: How To Manage The Clash Of Cultures

  • Business case study impact of change after a M&A process including the Company dynamic change during an integration process 
  • Cultural change & change management - How do you effectively drive an effective and sustainable process. Being mindful of the most important behaviors
  • Measure and calibrate action plans to be successful in a cultural change process
  • Dealing with difficult cultural integration processes especially in a M&A situation?
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Claudia Wentsch

HR Director

Work Anywhere & Anytime - The Work-Life Flow Model of Microsoft

  • Risks in Implementing a Very Flexible Model (Onboarding, Culture, Age, Diversity?)
  • Impact on Employer Branding
  • First Observations After 18 Months
  • What´s next? And how to Reap the Benefits of a Flexible Working Policy
  • The Skills and Capabilities in Leadership Which are Essential to Achieve Flexible Working

Lars Immisch

Executive Vice President HR, Airbus Defense & Space

Agile HR in Practice: Talent Management in a Connected World

  • Traditional Talent Management is not enough for today’s and tomorrow’s world
  • Re-Thinking Organisations empowering all levels to use the full potential and creativity of the company
  • The community approach to connect and develop talents at all levels
  • Success Factors for communities in traditional organizations
  • Challenges traditional organizations might face in setting up communities




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Join online focus groups with real-time chats. Exchange ideas and lessons learned. Connect with members pre & post event to continue conversations through private messaging


Leverage the power of the HRDL community! Post challenges and get best practise and actionable advice directly from fellow HR practitioners 

Content & Research

We harness the collective brain-power of the community to provide content that gives you a fresh external perspective and provokes your thinking on the entire end-to-end HR strategy and the future of the profession


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