What is the HR Innovation Virtual Series?

A series of monthly Interactive virtual workshops for HR Leaders presented by carefully selected Executive HR Practitioners. Our powerful virtual workshops bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. 

This time efficient learning and benchmarking platform, allows you to validate your strategy with fellow practitioners and gain access to new case studies and proven frameworks, from any location on any device. We will expand your knowledge and help you shortcut the execution of plans to deliver on essential objectives.  

All sessions are designed for and by Senior HR practitioners (No sponsors/vendors).


Engage with industry practitioners who will transform the way you think about HR


Below you will find the first 6 months of scheduled workshops. Each workshop is built around the needs and challenges of senior HR Leaders and focuses on a specific area of HR. 

All sessions are scheduled for 1hr and consists of a 30-minute case study followed by an interactive Q&A. Future sessions are built around the ever evolving requirements of a HR Leader.



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Dr Shalini Sarin

Senior Vice President HR & CSR

How Organization Culture can be a Business Enabler

  • Co-creating the Culture to build ownership
  • Embedding the culture into the day to day business and not on top of activity
  • Leaders as role models and emulating the values
  • Taking courageous decisions and making them visible on value dilemmas 
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Urs Karkoschka

Head of Performance Innovation

Sustainable High Performance through Health & Well-being

  • The impact Well-being is having upon Novartis so far
  • Innovative digital platform to combine forces across many functions/units
  • Challenges/obstacles and pitfalls to avoid when implementing a worldwide well-being transformation
  • What can we do with the data and the results? Future outlook and the next steps
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Martin Wilckens

Head of HR Digital & Innovation

HR Digital & Innovation: A dedicated Team to Drive Digitization of HR Working in the Digital Age

  • Digital@Work: The transformation program of HR, IT and communication to enable the Group with tools and methods for better collaboration
  • Amplification of HR: Providing smartphones to employees to foster mobile working and easier use of HR services
  • 10.000: Our goal in number of employees to get in touch with Design Thinking alone in 2017
  • HR D&I: A unique team with a broad set of activities to drive digitization

Joel Casse

Global Head Leadership Development

Moving from Authoritative Leadership Focusing on Supportive / Challenging Leadership

  • Coming soon.......



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James Cheng

Global HR Director Inclusion & Diversity Business Resource Groups Leader

The Power to Influence Business and Engagement through Employee/Business Resource Groups/Networks

  • The Purpose of Employee Resources Groups / Business Resources Groups
  • The stakeholders that truly affect the work
  • How to foster success for ERG/BRG/EBN/BRN
  • Setting the right expectations with the appropriate leaders

Why Attend


New insights, proven frameworks and actionable takeaways delivered in an Interactive format allowing you to gain multiple perspectives.

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Small, private virtual roundtable discussions focusing on the critical issues affecting the future of the profession.

Senior leaders share pratical insights into their HR operations. You can question them directly to get to the heart of all key issues.

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Communicate with members before, during and after each workshop.

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As all dialogue remains strictly confidential, you can speak openly and freely without any risk of later citation.

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Time efficient learning and benchmarking platform accessible from any location on any device.


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Join online focus groups with real-time chats. Exchange ideas and lessons learned. Connect with members pre & post event to continue conversations through private messaging.

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Leverage the power of the HRDL community! Post challenges and get best practise and actionable advice directly from fellow HR practitioners. 


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Content & Research

We harness the collective brain-power of the community to provide content that gives you a fresh external perspective and provokes your thinking on the entire end-to-end HR strategy and the future of the profession.


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