The HR Leaders network is exclusively for senior HR practitioners.

Different corporate membership packages are available and include:


Attendance at Live Workshops

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1-day workshops hosted by leading organisations in Europe, China and the US. Each workshop is attended by 30 Senior HR Executives and focuses on member selected HR topics.

Companies can choose from a selection of membership packages, depending on how many workshops they would like to attend throughout the year and in which regions.

Member companies can send different colleagues to workshops based on geographic location or by topics of specific relevance.

Attendance at Virtual Workshops

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The HR Innovation Virtual Series is designed for Strategic Level senior HR Leaders looking for a time and cost effective way to network, benchmark and learn from today's leading C Level HR Practitioners.

Join monthly live virtual workshops that bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions.

All sessions are delivered by Senior HR Generalist & Specialist practitioners (No sponsors/vendors) consisting of a 30-minute case study presentation followed by a 30-minute interactive open Q&A

Online Network

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Discover HR Leaders Online Network
Access videos of presentations, reports, exclusive interviews and much more; find contacts and discuss online with peers

Each membership package includes a number of Full Access licenses to our online network, giving the individual user access to the full library of presentation videos, summaries, slides, interviews, reports – and to connect with other users of our global online community.

Other attendees without a Full Access license will primarily be able to see the resources and contacts only from events they have joined.


If you’d like to hear more about what we do, including the benefits of membership or attending one of our workshops, we’d love to hear from you.

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