What is the HR Innovation Roundtable?

A powerful closed door one-day workshop for 30 C-Level HR Leaders hosted at member organisations presented by carefully selected Executive HR Practitioners. We bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. 

Designed for and by Senior HR practitioners (No sponsors/vendors).

World-Class Facilitators

The world’s most successful HR Practitioners share their insights and experiences helping you to expand your knowledge, shortcut execution plans and deliver on essential objectives.

Piyush Mathur, Global Head, Workforce Analytics

Jim Link, Chief HR Officer N.A.

Dan Domenech, Former Vice President Global HR


Anthony Oland, Executive VP & Chief Talent Officer N.A.


Harsha Jalihal, Vice President HR Future of Work


James Page, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

Why Attend

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World Class Facilitators

The world’s most influential HR & business executives share their insights and experiences from leading global brands

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No Sponsors, Vendors or Press

No press, vendors or media. A closed-door environment without vendor solicitation allowing you to focus on learning and networking

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Tailored to You

Your challenges, objectives and interests are incorporated into all workshops through our bespoke member profiling

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Personal and Powerful

Real takeaways from senior practitioners representing a diverse range of industries guarantees you will have top-level conversations

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See World Class HR in Action

Our workshops are hosted by leading global companies who open their doors for a day of intimate discussions about specific challenges and transferable solutions

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Unique Format

Interactive case studies, intimate roundtable discussions and informal networking structured to help you bring home real tangible experiences

Strategic Focuses

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Piyush Mathur, Global Head, Workforce Analytics

How Can we Use Workforce Analytics to Drive Business Outcomes?

  • How are Johnson and Johnson transforming processes with People Data?

  • How can we innovate employee experience with new technology?

  • What can workforce planning add to the strategy to prepare us for the future to thrive?

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Harsha Jalihal, VP HR Future of Work

HOW DO YOU IgnitE Employability for the Digital Age?

  • How can businesses generate and sustain employability in the future of work?

  • How do we create accountability & transparency in the open talent economy?

  • Upskilling/reskilling through lifelong learning

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Jim Link, Chief HR Officer

What are the New Leadership Competencies for the Post-Digital Age?

  • What traits effective leaders need today to succeed? And How to spot burnout and what it really means to lead towards decompression?

  • How burnout and employee engagement are linked and why it should be an urgent leadership priority?

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Anthony Oland, Executive VP & Chief Talent Officer N.A.

How to make culture an INITIATIVE WHEN it’s contingent on human BEHAVIORS

  • How to promote talent from within to grow leadership culture?

  • How to measure performance for the benefit of all involved?

  • How to define talent with respect to future leadership and succession?

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James Page, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

How to create a well aligned, strategically relevant and measurable business case/equity, diversity, and Inclusion function?

  • What components of our current culture supports and does not support EDI?

  • Within your organization, what are the god terms and how do they align with your broader EDI efforts?

  • How will you know when you are successful? What are the metrics that matter to your organization?  

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Dan Domenech, Former VP Global HR


  • In 2014 D&B eliminated performance ratings, before it became “hip. Developing an approach known as performance agility which focused on results vs. objectives, a new set of values, and sustainable high performance

  • The new approach was extremely positively regarded, but leaders did behave as though they had a “pass” on having to assess, coach and develop their talent


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June 18th 2019

Pre-Workshop Dinner & Networking | 18:30 - 20:30

A relaxed networking evening before the intense business discussions begin. Dine in the presence of your peers to learn, share and ponder over the key topics of the upcoming day.


June 19th 2019

HR Innovation Roundtable | 08:00 - 17:20 | at J&J’s World HQ in New Jersey

All workshops are scheduled for 1:20hrs and consists of a 30min Case Study, 30min Roundtable Discussion and a 20min focus on Strategic Outcomes and how to Implement Learnings

Each workshop is built around the needs and challenges of senior HR Leaders and focuses on a specific area of HR.

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June 19th 2019

Post-Workshop Drinks Reception | 17:20 Onwards

The perfect opportunity to follow up on the great discussions during the day in a completely informal environment with your peers.




Hosted at Johnson & Johnson's World Headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ