What Companies can do to Attract, Retain and Promote Women to Leadership roles

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Part 1 - What can companies do to attract female leaders? Via LinkedIn 3:31 Min watch

Part 2 - What can companies do to retain female leaders? Via LinkedIn 3:41 Min watch

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We are joined by my two special guests Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Workplace Culture Strategist, Author, Speaker and Rebecca Oppenheim, Co-Founder, nextOPP Search to discuss how to attract, retain and promote women to leadership roles.

Episode Highlights

  • What can companies do to attract female leaders?

  • The importance of sharing employee stories from all demographics

  • Why brand ambassadors are crucial for spreading awareness of the companies diversity achievements

  • What part of the recruitment process needs the most improvement to support female leaders?

  • How do we retain our female leaders?

  • What are the first steps to creating a flexible workplace culture?

  • What is the best advice for men who want to be better at developing female leadership?

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