Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century


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In this episode, Jeffrey Deckman, Award-Winning Author, Coach & Speaker joined me on the podcast to discuss developing the conscious leadership mindset for the 21st century.

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We need to shift the mindset from being financial capital-focused to human capital focused.

Episode Highlights

[03:32] - What problem is your book solving?

[07:27] - What practical tools does your book offer? (examples)

[12:35] - Why it's important to have consequences that are clearly defined

[15:20] - How do you define conscious leadership?

[17:37] - The traits that work for and against you as a leader

[21:53] - The 3 most important attributes a leader must display

[25:13] - What have you learned from working with entrepreneurs?

[29:55] - HR Leaders Quick Fire Round (5 questions)


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