Insights from an HR Transformation & Change Journey

We are joined by Amit Avasthi, Head of HR Emerging Markets at Larsen & Toubro Infotech to discuss his experience managing HR Transformations.


  • How Amit’s experience as a consultant helped in his role as a HR professional

  • Why we should focus on bite-sized HR and avoid longer interactions

  • Amit’s advice for those embarking on a HR transformation journey

  • Why the first step of any transformation should be to ask yourself “what is really going to change?”

  • How Amit used gamification as a tool to communicate change

  • Why HR needs to justify it’s seat at the table

  • Why creating a Culture of coaching is the real #futureofwork

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Eurosport: How To Increase Employee Well-being Through Digitalisation

We are joined by Caroline Roque, Compensation and Benefits Manager at Eurosport & Faustine Jerome, Product Manager at Benify to discuss how Eurosport increased employee well-being through digitisation.


  • The challenge Eurosport was facing and how Caroline found Benify

  • How does not having a benefits solution affect employee well-being

  • How Eurosport maintained consistent engagement rates via content and competitions

  • The feedback from employees

  • Advice for compensation and Benefits managers looking for a benefits solution

  • Caroline’s overall experience with Benify

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How to Master Your Mind When Emotions Take the Wheel

We are joined by Marcia Reynolds, Global Expert in Holding Mind Changing Conversations to discuss how you can use coaching skills to turn difficult conversations into positive results.


  • Why telling people what to do is a big waste of time

  • The importance of considering the individuals goals during these difficult conversations

  • What you can do to avoid bringing emotion (especially judgement) into the conversation

  • Why you should be curious about your employees thinking

  • Using coaching skills or reflective inquiry to change minds

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HR Transformation: A Talent Acquisition Journey

We are joined by Sean Murphy, Director, Global Talent Acquisition at United Technologies Corporation to discuss UTC’s HR Transformation Journey.


  • Sean’s experience joining his client and facing the good and bad decisions

  • Where to start when embarking on a HR Transformation journey

  • Converting business partners into strategic recruiting partners

  • How to get buy-in from senior stake holders and keep them engaged

  • The importance of communicating change early and as often as possible

  • Looking back what he’d do differently

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How MSD Increased Employee Satisfaction Through Technology

We are joined by Isabelle Couquiaud-Schbath, Compensation & Benefits Associate Director at MSD & Rosalie Riss, Senior Account Manager at Benify


  • The challenge MSD faced and how Isabelle found Benify

  • MSD’s previous benefits system

  • Questions you should ask when looking for a benefits solution

  • Why Benify?

  • The impact this has had on their employees and their feedback

  • How the solution adds another layer of communication

  • Isabelle’s overall experience with Benify

  • Isabelle’s plans to expand the solution to other parts of the country

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