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  • People-Centric: Understanding the Black/LGBTQ/Muslim/LatinX Experience through Cultural Immersion

  • Review of Unilever’s approach from the past 20-months with marketing teams in the U.S. and Europe, to accelerate equity and inclusion for key cultural groups and communities

  • Using sample content from the “Black Experience” Cultural Immersion—explore today’s Black community in terms of their shared stories and history, everyday experiences, complex identities, and learned cultural values and behaviors

  • Then practice applying this ‘Black-experience lens’ to analyze real messages and media portrayals, for how well they do/don’t demonstrate to the Black community that they are seen, appreciated, and respected on their own terms

  • Identify strategies for challenging stereotypes and cultural appropriation—and get more confident having courageous conversations about colorism and race—for example, in media portrayals