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The the HR Leaders Community exists to advance the profession of Human Resources. Our Vision is to Shape the Future of HR for organizations, employees and for the benefit of society.

One tool with one view

Social collaboration

Natural user experience

Circuit is one app. One virtual meeting space with all the capabilities you need to communicate and collaborate with HRD Leaders members.

Create and Join online communities and promote cooperation, interaction, opinion and idea sharing.

Use voice, video, or chat. Circuit’s simplicity lets you collaborate as naturally when you’re apart as when you’re together.

Powerful and contextual search

Content storage and history

Use any device

With Circuit, all content is easy to find. Search and filter by search terms and people and find what you need within seconds

Stay organized with instantaneous access to files and information shared over time. Everything stays within context. Keep all your relevant content together.

Enjoy the same experience from any device. Access your conversations, communities, and documents —from Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser, iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM

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Circuit travels with you

Circuit will go wherever you go, so you can collaborate and access files from wherever you want, when you want, and how you want. Connect from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android and move your active calls with you while you’re in transition.


Circuit makes virtual collaboration engaging

Circuit’s HD video and natural conversation feed will keep you from feeling disengaged or disconnected from the rest of the group. Start and stop the conversation as you would naturally and never again feel at a disadvantage for learning and networking remotely.

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