What is the HR Innovation Roundtable?

A powerful closed door one-day workshop for 30 C-Level HR Leaders hosted at member organisations presented by carefully selected Executive HR Practitioners. We bring together cross-industry leaders for intimate discussions around specific challenges and transferable solutions. 

Designed for and by Senior HR practitioners (No sponsors/vendors).

World-Class Facilitators

The world’s most influential HR Practitioners share their insights and experience helping you to expand your knowledge and help you shortcut the execution of plans to deliver on essential objectives.  


David Cushen 

Vice President Organizational Development & Learning

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Tim Munden

Chief Learning Officer

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Eden Britt

Global Head, People Analytics & HR Chief Data Officer


Ann Pickering

Chief HR Officer & Chief of Staff


Stefanie Lowey von Seckendorff

Chief Human Resources Officer


Strategic Focuses

HR Technology, Systems & Analytics

How to use Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Foster Innovation and Leadership?

The power of cognitive computing and how to leverage machine learning to help automate human judgement

What Will Automated HR Systems mean for the workforce. Overview of rapidly evolving smart solutions

Preparing ourselves for GDPR, what is it and what to do?


Diversity & Inclusion

How to leverage the new streams of talent around the world, and responding to the changing faces of customers

Ways implicit bias may create "blind spots" and what to do about it

How to qualify D&I's impact on corporate purpose, brand reflection and performance

What are the action plans needed to tackle unconscious bias?

Learning & Development

How to effectively quantify your L&D initiatives across the entire organisation and understand the financial ROI of each programme

Creating a workplace where employees maintain their ability to learn and outpace your competiton

How do we redefine Learning as a business imperative and re-position the L&D function as a strategic business enabler?

Talent Management

How do we define talent in respect of future leadership and succession?

What modern approaches to talent can we look at to move away from dogmatic procedures?

How can we promote talent from within to grow leadership culture?

Is the yearly performance review dead? How do we measure performance to the benefit of all involved?

Culture & Engagement

What aspects of corporate culture should be taken into account when implementing new strategy?

What affect will new generations have on corporate culture?

How do we match individual team cultures with the culture we are trying to achieve overall?

How can people work together to build a culture that best represents themselves and the company?

Transformation & Digital HR

How can organizations drive new management practices through the digital workforce?

How can organizations change the HR function itself to operate in a digital way, use digital tools and apps to deliver solutions, and continuously experiment and innovate?

 As more companies are adapting to the Agile way of working, how can organisations design a working environment that enables productivity?

Pre-Workshop Dinner & Networking

4th March      |      18:30 - 21:00      |      TBC

HR Innovation Roundtable

5th March      |      08:00 - 18:00      |     Unilever

All workshops are scheduled for 1:10hrs and consists of a 20min Case Study, 30min Roundtable Discussion and a 20min focus on Strategic Outcomes and how to Implement Learnings

Each workshop is built around the needs and challenges of senior HR Leaders and focuses on a specific area of HR. 


Eden Britt

Global Head, People Analytics & HR Chief Data Officer

HR wants to be ready for Data Science, but organisations don’t know what questions to ask

  • Operational metrics vs data lead decision making

  • Biggest challenges impacting our organisations that could do with more in-depth analysis

  • How ready is the HR function for true data science / analytics?

  • What education is required to support HR and wider business leaders on the power of employee data?


Ann Pickering

Chief HR Officer & Chief of Staff

‘Room for All’ playing it safe is the riskiest choice we can ever make...but are we brave enough to create a workforce where everyone can thrive, no matter their age, gender, skin colour or background?

  • Why is inclusion important?

  • What are the challenges we face?

  • What can each of us do to make a difference?


Stefanie Lowey Von Seckendorff

Chief Human Resources Officer

Change management off the beaten track

  • VUCA and organisational change

  • Agility, networks and hierarchies

  • Ferring on the MOVE

  • Change by network or change by crowd?

Tim Munden

Chief Learning Officer

Developing leaders for a digital and disrupted age

  • The era of disruption and digitization is leading to a shift in organisations from structures to networks

  • At the same time, what people want from work and from their leaders is changing

  • Together, these forces are radically changing what is needed from leaders

  • What is emerging is a focus on the Inner Game, as well as the Outer Game, of leadership

  • How is digital disruption impacting your organisation design and ways of working? How are your leaders responding?

Why Attend

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World Class Facilitators

The world’s most influential HR & business executives share their insights and experiences from leading global brands

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No Sponsors, Vendors or Press

No press, vendors or media. A closed-door environment without vendor solicitation allowing you to focus on learning and networking

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Tailored to You

Your challenges, objectives and interests are incorporated into all workshops through our bespoke member profiling

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Personal and Powerful

Real takeaways from senior practitioners representing a diverse range of industries guarantees you will have top-level conversations

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See World Class HR in Action

Our workshops are hosted by leading global companies who open their doors for a day of intimate discussions about specific challenges and transferable solutions

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Unique Format

Interactive case studies, intimate roundtable discussions and informal networking structured to help you bring home real tangible experiences



Hosted at Unilever's International Management Training Centre: Four Acres, London



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