Would you want to work for you?

We are joined by Brenda Bence, Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Award-winning Author who asks us the question “would you want to work for you?”


  • Advice for leaders who are looking to start their own business

  • Why it’s important for you to be the boss you would want to work for

  • Why branding is so important in the new world of work we operate in

  • Why the leadership threshold is critical to achieving success at high levels of leadership

  • The key ratios to help leaders win at senior levels of leadership

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The Expertise Economy: How the smartest companies use learning to engage, compete, and succeed

We are joined by Kelly Palmer, Workplace Futurist, Chief Learning Officer at Degreed to discuss how the smartest companies use learning to engage, compete and succeed.


  • Kelly’s experience transitioning between learning internally to externally

  • How are the smartest companies leveraging learning learning technology to stay ahead?

  • Who are the companies that are getting this right?

  • Why it’s important to focus on transferable ski

  • How companies can succeed by placing more focus on building skills than job titles

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Practical Advice for Growing HR in a Global Company

We are joined by Dusti Swinney Global VP, HR at ECCO Safety Group where to discuss the practical advice for growing HR in a global company.


  • How Dusti’s unusual journey into HR and how that experience gave her a realistic outlook on human resources

  • How to be a valuable business partner and get a seat at the table

  • Why it's important for HR to understand the business

  • How to forge the way and bring leaders with you?

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Are Your Hiring Practices Keeping Up?

We are joined by Robin Borough, CEO, Co-Founder at Aristahire to discuss why the hiring process is broken and how we got from 1980's recruiting to the present day.


  • How we all got here, recruiting practice from the 1980's to present?

  • Are we really suffering from a talent shortage or are there plenty of people right underneath our noses?

  • How social and mobile recruiting are adding tremendous complexity and how to handle this

  • What companies could be doing better and the cost of improper hiring?

  • Why the candidate experience is more important now than ever

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The End of Job Descriptions and the Rise of Project Roles

We are joined by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Director Head of Project Management at GSK to discuss the end of job descriptions and the rise of project roles.


  • The inspiration behind Antonio’s new book

  • What are the key competencies needed to transform and thrive in the new digital and project driven economy

  • 4 important questions to ask yourself before starting a project

  • Why 100% project competition doesn’t exist

  • The common mistakes people make when embarking on a project

  • Why it’s important to focus on successful projects as well as the unsuccessful ones

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A Manager's Guide to Getting Results—Without Losing Your Soul

We are joined by Karin Hurt, Chief Executive Officer
at Let's Grow Leaders to discuss how leaders can get results without losing their souls.


  • The inspiration behind Karin’s new book and how it lead to love

  • How to reinforce behaviours that produce results

  • Why it’s important to delegate outcomes rather than focusing on process

  • 4 simple questions that get your team thinking more strategically

  • How to encourage more micro-innovation

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